Sluts, Slags and Lads

If there’s one thing I cannot stand it’s how guys and girls get treated nowadays. Boys get let off so easily, whereas us girls get treated like utter dirt. Is it really fair that if a boy and a girl sleep together, the boy gets called a “lad” when the girl gets bitched about and gets horrific rumours spread about her for being a “slag”?

Okay, so when it comes to things like sex, relationships, outfit choices, sending pictures and texts etc girls get treated dreadfully compared to the reactions which boys receive. If both a guy and a girl are doing the same thing, why is it that they get such opposite responses? The boy will get his mates treating him like a king after having sex with some girl, whereas she will get a whole range of disgusting insults thrown at her. “Slut”, “Slag”, “Whore”… I could go on forever.

Horrific, humiliating, horrendous rumours get spread around about girls. It’s like a game of Chinese Whispers.

Now, I know it isn’t just having sex that girls get judged unfairly for.

1. Nudes. Sooo many people send them without realising the consequences. So if a girl sends a cheeky photo to her boyfriend and they end up splitting up, it isn’t unlikely that he’ll use that image against her. Some boys just show them to a few of their mates, some send them around but some boys actually publicise them. Like people post them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Now, why would you do that? I don’t get it! It’s out of order. If someone has trusted you with a picture of themselves, you should respect that and should NOT use the image against them.

Boys get respect for getting pictures off girls, whereas girls get labelled “easy” along with many other things. But what I don’t get is; what is the difference? Why is it that a girl sending pictures is worse than a boy sending pictures? Why do girls get bullied and have to suffer for sending pictures when nobody cares if a boy sends pictures? No one cares if it’s a boy who has sent pictures, no one spreads them around, no one judges them.

2. Another thing that really annoys me, is how people get judged on how they choose to dress. A girl can wear what ever she wants- it’s no one else’s business! The most ridiculous thing is when in summer, obviously the weather is hotter, so girls go out in less clothing than they would in winter (just like shorts, skirts and that) and just because they’re showing more skin, they’re a slag! But boys actually go out without a top on, so that’s a lot more ‘slutty’ than what girls do, so why does nobody complain about what the boys are wearing?… or more so what they’re not wearing.

3. Messages. Oh god, don’t even get me started on messages.

Okay so boys and girls text each other/Snapchat each other/Facebook each other or whatever else – but people go through phases of messaging different people. Whether a boy is messaging 50 girls at a time, or whether he isn’t speaking to anyone, no one pays any attention. But no, not when it comes to girls. If a girl is talking to someone, everyone wants to know, everyone talks about it, everyone gets involved. And if a girl is talking to a few boys at a time, what does that make her? Yes, apparently that makes her a slut (and all those other things).



Nothing. Nothing at all. There is no difference as boys and girls do the same thing, it just happens to be that girls get trouble for it whereas boys get away scot free.

To sum up, being a girl is hard. Unless you are one, you’ll never understand some of the struggles us girls have to face. I think people should start respecting girls a hell of a lot more, as we don’t deserve to get judged for things which boys get praised for. People need to realise that it isn’t acceptable, it isn’t fair and it just shouldn’t be happening.


Stop criticising girls for things which boys get away with. If it’s okay for the lads to do it, it’s alright for the lasses to do it too.


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